4 fall skin care adjustments to make right now

4 fall skin care adjustments to make right now

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This time of year, breakouts, dryness and facial redness are popular concerns I see in my skin care practice. Prevent unwanted skin reactions with these 4 fall skin care routine adjustments.


In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Why fall skin reactions are so common
  • Signs that your skin needs a change
  • How to adjust your skin care routine for fall


Just like the seasons, your skin is always changing. 


Even though you might not notice it, your skin cells are constantly renewing. New cells are being produced at the lower level of your skin. As they age, they work their way upwards until they slough off the surface. 


A huge factor influencing the change in your skin is your environment. Heat and humidity in the summer bring more oil whereas cooler temperatures in the fall leave your skin vulnerable to flare-ups. 


Why fall skin reactions are so common


Did you know that acne breakouts often increase in the fall? This is because your skin is still producing oil from the summer but now, the cooler air has created a layer of dead cell buildup on the surface of your skin. This traps oil and bacteria under your skin’s surface which leads to more breakouts.


Dry, flaky skin is also a very common concern in the fall. No matter your skin type, it’s critical to replenish hydration levels this time of year as the cooler temperatures steal moisture from our skin. If dehydrated skin is left untreated, you’ll notice increased facial redness; an urgent sign your skin needs help. 


For the same reason, eczema is prone to flaring this time of year. Get ahead of it by listening to the signs that tell you your skin needs a slight change this season. 


Eczema flare up without adjusting fall skin care routine


Signs that your skin needs a change 




If your skin is feeling particularly tight lately, you need to up your skin’s hydration levels. Replenish water by adding a toner and a hydrating serum like the HydrExtreme or Daily Hydration Serum to your day and evening skin care routine.




If your skin is appearing flaky, not only do you need to increase your skin’s water content, you’ll also need to add an oil to your evening skin care routine. An oil serum will support your skin’s barrier function in healing your skin as you sleep. Exfoliating will also be critical in preventing those dead flaky skin cells from falling back into the pore lining and creating an uneven skin texture.





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If your skin is pink, red or warm to the touch, focus on barrier repair to quench your skin’s thirst, decrease inflammation and bring calm to your complexion. Make sure you’re applying a hydrating serum morning and night, along with applying a silicone based sunscreen during the day to protect your delicate skin from the elements.




Whether you’re experiencing increased congestion (bumps beneath the surface), papules (red bumps) or pustules (red bumps with white heads), you’ll need to replenish your skin’s hydration levels and exfoliate regularly to keep congestion and breakouts at bay. 


Whether you’re noticing one or all of these signs, you don’t need to overhaul your entire skin care routine. You do however need to make a few simple adjustments to ensure that your skin remains healthy and balanced during this seasonal transition. Here’s a few fall skin care routine adjustments to make right now.


Pumpkin is a great fall skin care ingredient


How to adjust your skin care routine for fall


Update your cleansing routine


Where a foaming cleanser worked well morning and evening in the summer, you’ll benefit from adding or switching to a cream cleanser this fall. Not only is cream based cleansers more gentle on the skin, they also infuse moisture lost from cooler temperatures outside. For combination to oily skin types, use a cream cleanser during the day and on your first cleanse at night. Follow with your foaming cleanser on your second cleanse. For combination to dry skin types, your skin will prefer a cream cleanser both morning and night.


Gentle Cream Cleanser

Gentle Cream Cleanser


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Increase your use of hydrating products


Depending on your skin’s moisture levels, you may just need to add a hydrating toner to your skin care routine. Most often, I find my clients needing both a hydrating toner and a hydrating serum to replenish moisture levels adequately this time of year. Not only will this support your skin’s barrier function and prevent flakiness and redness, you’ll also prevent fine lines as well. No matter your skin type, make sure you have at least one hydrating product in your morning and evening fall skin care routine.


Exfoliate regularly with the right product


Fall is the best time to ramp up on exfoliation because UV rays are less intense. Exfoliating regularly offers many skin benefits:

  • Targets congestion and breakouts to refine skin’s texture
  • Promotes cellular turnover and renewal to brighten the skin
  • Allows skin care products to penetrate more deeply for increased results

If you’re new to exfoliating, choose an enzymatic exfoliant to gently and effectively remove dead skin cell buildup from the cooler temperatures outside. As a general rule of thumb, exfoliate three times per week to achieve a smooth, vibrant complexion.


Papaya and Pumpkin Mask

Papaya and Pumpkin Mask


Papaya and pumpkin hydrate and nourish uneven skin tones including sensitive and rosacea complexions. The moisturizing ingredients nourish and calm as the fruit enzymes gently exfoliate to refine and brighten the skin.Read more


Stay tuned… the Skin Discovery exfoliation guide is coming soon!


Reconsider your moisturizer


Are you still using a light lotion from the summer? Consider adding an oil serum to your fall skin care routine for additional support. If it's time for something new, opt for a cream instead of a lotion to lock in moisture.


Try this simple moisturizing test to see if you need more emollients this fall: Thirty minutes after your evening skin care routine, have a look at your skin. With clean hands, touch your forehead and cheeks with the palms of your hands. 


If you don’t feel anything and your skin feels dry and perhaps a bit tight, you need a heavier moisturizer. If you feel your moisturizer transferring onto your hands, you need a lighter moisturizer. If however your skin feels slightly sticky, your moisturizer is probably just right.


Intense Moisture Squalane Oil

Intense Moisture Squalane Oil


This natural non-comedogenic moisturizer provides instant relief to dry and dehydrated skin. Squalane oil provides a protective barrier to the epidermis to calm and heal the skin post peel, sunburn or extreme weather conditions. Just a few drops prevents moisture...Read more


The good news is that your fall skin care routine is simply an adjustment not an overhaul. Consider switching your cleanser, adding a hydrating serum, exfoliating more regularly and updating your moisturizer if needed. After all, winter is just around the corner.


If you need help adjusting your fall skin care routine, book a Routine Review. I’d be happy to help!


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