3 Spring Skin Care Tips for a Smooth Transition

3 Spring Skin Care Tips for a Smooth Transition

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With warm weather fast approaching, here are three spring skin care tips to prepare your skin effectively and reveal a bright, clear complexion.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Why exfoliating properly is crucial to renew your skin for spring
  • What products to pair together for optimal UV protection
  • How to know if you need to lighten up your moisturizer

Take note of my top 3 spring skin care tips

Winter takes a great toll on our skin. From stealing moisture, to compromising our barrier and causing dry flaky skin, it’s no wonder we’re all eager for spring.


Dry winter air causes dead cells to accumulate on the surface of our skin for months, causing a dull, lackluster appearance. Spring is a great time to build up your exfoliation while UV rays are still relatively low. 

Renew your complexion by building up your exfoliation to 1-5 times per week, depending on the current state of your skin barrier. Often, exfoliating three times per week is plenty for most skin types.

  • If you have combination to dry skin, choose a lactic acid exfoliant that can be left one as a mask for a few minutes to gently exfoliate while hydrating your skin. 
  • If you have combination to oily skin or if you’re concerned with hyperpigmentation, try a mandelic serum for its brightening and age defying properties. 
  • If you have oily skin, choose a glycolic serum to unclog pores, refine fine lines and smooth your skin’s texture. 
  • If your skin is sensitive or you have rosacea, choose a fruit enzyme exfoliant to gently and effectively exfoliate your skin.

No matter your skin type, only exfoliate at night to prevent photo damage as exfoliating causes the skin to become photosensitive. Exfoliating properly for your unique skin type will reduce breakouts, flakiness, increase product effectiveness and reveal a bright, smooth complexion.


UV rays are the number one cause of premature skin aging! Therefore, sunscreen should be worn everyday in every season. Sunscreen can simultaneously be used as your daily moisturizer so that you don’t have to use two products. This is the most important skin care product you can apply for anti-aging!

Physical sunscreen products containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide reflect UV rays away from the skin and provide effective, broad spectrum UV protection. These physical sunscreen filters are more gentle on the skin and better suited for hyperpigmented skin than synthetic sunscreens containing avobenzone and oxybenzone. 

Always choose SPF 30 or higher and make sure to reapply every 2 hours when outdoors. Don’t forget that the way you apply sunscreen matters greatly - missing a small area exposes your skin to photo damage so apply it evenly and generously to ensure optimal protection.


Refresh and brighten your skin by applying an antioxidant serum under your sunscreen. A 2018 study found that using a Vitamin C serum with vitamin E and ferulic acid doubles your photo protection when worn under sunscreen due to the synergy of these antioxidants.

Further, vitamin C is excellent at brightening the skin. If you’re treating melasma or pigment irregularities such as post acne hyperpigmentation, you’ll want to try the Lemon Lightening Serum with tyrosinase inhibitors that prevent your skin from overproducing pigment like arbutin, azelaic acid and licorice root extract

Lemon Lightening Serum

Lemon Lightening Serum


This corrective serum brightens hyperpigmentation, melasma and discolouration on the skin. Watch sunspots, hyperpigmentation, redness and inflammation fade thanks to this serum’s lemon and licorice root extracts. Natural hydroquinone alternatives leave you with smooth, calm and bright skin.Read more

What’s more, topical antioxidants help overcome sunscreen limitations such as uneven sunscreen application and providing protection from pollutants in our environment. Pairing these products together this spring will give you the extra protection you need to prevent premature skin aging caused by UV exposure as well as promote a bright, clear complexion.


During the winter, most of us need a heavier moisturizer to shield our skin from the extremely dry air and cold weather. Some of us add an oil over our cream or lotion for additional moisture.

As we move into spring, transition away from your oil. Consider lightening up your moisturizer by switching to a lotion at night. For those who are breakout-pone, you’ll love a moisture complex that is packed full of antioxidants and skin loving hydrators that won’t clog your pores. Irritated and reactive skin will benefit from switching to a clarifying cream that uses silver to promote a healthy skin flora. 

Not sure if you need to make the switch?

After 10 minutes of applying your moisturizer, touch your face with clean hands. If you feel any residue on your hands, you need to switch. If your skin feels soft and no residue is transferring to your hands, your moisturizer is probably just right.

These spring skin care tips will help you properly transition from winter to spring while revealing a bright, vibrant complexion. Try it out and let me know if any of these skin care tips are helpful to you.

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