it's time to stop stressing about your skin

Discover the Leading Cause of Your Skin Concerns and Start Achieving Real Results

Are you tired of trying product after product, diet after diet and feel like you've tried everything to improve your skin without success?

Let's treat the underlying cause of your skin condition and
find you a skin care routine that actually works.

Ready to try a proven process?


book a holistic skin analysis

This 90 minute consultation will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your skin. You'll discover the leading cause of your skin condition and be given a comprehensive treatment plan to shift your lifestyle, eating habits and skin care practices to see meaningful and sustainable results with your skin.


what you can expect:

• Grain deeper insight into your skin type and skin conditions

• Discover the leading cause of your skin conditions

• Uncover how your lifestyle and eating habits affect your skin

• Understand which products are working for you and which ones are not

• Find a morning and evening skin care routine that is personalized to you

• Get practical advice for achieving your skin care goals

• Feel inspired and empowered to take better care of your skin


Finally, a proven process for achieving
calm, clear and vibrant skin.

this offer is for you if...

• You're tired of dieting and visiting the dermatology office

• You want to improve your skin naturally

• You're tired of wasting money on products that don't work

• You want to start taking better care of yourself

• You're looking to work with a compassionate skin professional

• You want to achieve skin care results that last

• You're ready to start addressing the underlying cause of your skin condition


Hi, I'm Christine

Certified Skin Therapist, Corneotherapist and Spa Owner.

For over a decade, I have lived with sensitive, acne-prone skin. I know what it feels like to feel self-conscious and critical about my appearance, avoid social gatherings and even cancel client appointments out of fear they would judge me. My doctor gave me perscription topicals, my naturopath put me on multiple diets and my skin only got progressively worse.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and went on to study Corneotherapy to become a Pastiche certified Diagnostic Technician so that I can uncover the leading casues behind a skin condition, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to treat unmanaged mindsets while bringing in new clinically-proven products and technologies into my spa. 

Having struggled with acne, redness, fungal acne and eczema myself and having over 7 years of client experience treating inflammatory skin conditions, I have created a proven process that works. My priority is to address the underlying cause of your skin condition while also treating the symptoms on your skin.

I've had the pleasure of helping countless women across Canada (and even a few in the US) clear their acne, calm redness and age smart. I take the time to get to know my clients on a personal level so that I can make simple and practical recommendations that will significantly improve the look and feel of their skin. It's my passion to help women reclaim their confidence!

The Transformation Process

#1 book your skin analysis

Meet with me for 90 minutes either virtually or in the Bliss Studio at 12 Dunlop Street downtown Barrie and let's do a deep dive into your skin. We'll create a holistic treatment plan that addresses your mind, gut and skin health and you'll leave feeling inspired and empowered to adjust your lifestyle, eating habits and skin care routine.

#2 start an intuitive practice

Since no on teaches us how to properly care for our skin, it is recommended to book an Intuitive Practice to learn how to use your products most effectively. You'll discover how to become intuitive with your skin care by understanding the signs on your skin and how to adapt your skin care as needed.

#3 get ongoing support

Whether you need monthly facial treatments, quarterly virtual appointments or 6 weeks of mindset coaching, you'll have a professional partner to hold you accountable, review your progress and guide you every step of the way on your skin care journey. 

I'm ready!



90 minute Holistic Skin Analysis

Personalized morning and evening skin care routines

Specific mindset, lifestyle and eating recommendations

don't wait!

Book in May and You'll Also Get

$25 of products to try

30 day trial of the Waking Up meditation app

30 day gut reset plan

Real Results

from cystic to clear

“I'm feeling so much better about my skin. Thank you so much!”

- Chloe, Halifax NS

from irritated to calm

"Since my Skin Analysis with Christine, my skin is a lot less oily, I breakout much less often and when I do get them they heal so much faster. My skin feels comfortable and I'm getting so many compliments on my skin!"

- Erin, Hamilton ON

from congested to clear

“Christine proved to me that restoring the skin's barrier allows the skin to return to its NORMAL state - clear and comfortable. I'm enjoying clear and comfortable skin now, as well as a more supportive mindset. Christine has been a bright light in my life. She shared her knowledge, experience, and intuition generously, and her guidance nudged me into healing. It's obvious on my skin, but her approach goes deeper than that.”

- Jessica, Duluth MN

what are you waiting for?

It's time to take a holistic approach to start looking and feeling your best.

New clients that book in May get an added $25 worth of products to try, a 30 day trial of the Waking Up meditation app and a 30 day gut reset plan.