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strengthen your mindset

Reclaim Your Confidence

Guiding you from feeling self-conscious and self-critical to living confidently in the skin you’re in.


Feels self-conscious when skin flares-up

Is often overwhelmed by your emotions

Often has self-critical and doubtful thoughts

Often feels stressed or anxious

Compares yourself to others

Avoids situations out of fear of judgement 

Has low self-esteem

In 6 weeks, you'll be able to:

• Embrace the fluctuations in your appearance

• Let your emotions guide you, not control you

• Review the state of your skin with curiosity instead of judgement

• Manage your mindset to find increased energy and better sleep

• Feel confident around others on both good and bad skin days

• Avoid the temptation of comparing yourself to others

• Reduce stress and anxiety about your appearance

Hi, I'm Christine

Certified Skin Therapist and Mindset Coach.

For over a decade, I lived with a negative body image and an unmanaged mindset. My acne had me feeling so self-conscious that I would criticize myself every time I looked in the mirror, avoid social gatherings and I even found myself cancelling client appointments out of fear they would judge me for my breakouts. I became obsessed about being healthy and developed disordered eating behaviour as a result.

After recognizing that my body image was controlling so many aspects of my life, I decided enough was enough and went on to study Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and body image theory to let go of the shame, worry and fear around my skin. I applied CBT to take back control of my emotions and reclaim my confidence.

Now I live my life in alignment and I’m a lot less stressed, I worry a heck of a lot less and I’m able to quiet my inner critic. Not only am I living my life with confidence, my skin has never been better, too!

If my story resonates with you and your appearance is holding you back from living the life you deserve, I created this program for you. Let’s talk!

6 weekS of private coaching

What Makes This Program Unique

This program will improve your skin and your confidence by exploring the connection between your mindset and your skin. By applying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and principles of psychology to skin care, you’ll heal your body image and start living your life with more ease. You’ll practice proven techniques to relieve stress and ways to manage your mindset so that you can get out of the way of your body’s innate ability to repair and rejuvenate. This mindset and body image coaching will guide you through a self-discovery journey to awaken your intuition and help you live confidently in the skin you're in!

The Transformation Process


You'll start by learning how to become present with your emotions and how they can serve you. You'll discover proven techniques to prevent stress and anxiety, while unpacking why we compare ourselves to others and how not to be so hard on yourself. You'll learn how to let your emotions guide you in living your life in alignment.


Although your survival brain has good intentions, it can hold you back. You’ll learn the skills needed to manage your mindset and develop intentional thoughts that can get you through anything. You’ll develop self-compassion and foster a healthy relationship with yourself so you can quiet your inner critic and thoughts of self-doubt.


There are 4 components that make up your body image. You'll dive deep into each of these to uncover the lies that make up your perception and have been holding you back. You'll discover what makes up your belief system and rewrite your story to break free from shame, stress and worry so that you finally start living your life with confidence.



Private one-on-one coaching

12 live Zoom calls (30 mins each) scheduled twice weekly

Unlimited support over email

Prioritize Yourself

It’s time to start managing your mindset, reducing stress and healing your body image so that you can start living your most balanced, authentic and confident life!