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My skin is the best it's been in my life!

My experience with Christine at Skin Discovery has been so incredibly positive! Christine is knowledgeable, professional and truly a pleasure to work with. Her product recommendations are made so thoughtfully. My favourite part, though, is that Christine genuinely cares about you and empowers you to be confident in your skin.
Thank you, Christine!

Alysha, Toronto ON


My skin is finally clear

I was dealing with very dry skin, acne and what I thought was eczema on my face. My skin was extremely reactive and I couldn’t figure out what it was reacting to. I consulted with Christine and she took the time to develop a skin care plan for me. The toner, exfoliant and serums that she recommended is what really helped with clearing my skin. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Nadia, Montreal QC


Best Decision in a LONG TIME!!

I have been really struggling with acne for the first time in my life. In addition to going for some testing, I knew I needed to upgrade my skincare routine and Skin Discovery delivered! Not only was Christine so professional and just lovely to talk to, she knows her stuff! I went from really inconsistently cleansing my face to now honestly creating a RITUAL around my skincare, I light a candle and play spa music. Thank you Christine! You've added so much more than a skin-care routine into my days!

Katherine, Haldimand ON