Holistic Skin Care Workshop

Join us on Wednesday, July 14th from 7-9 pm EST for a fun and practical workshop on holistic skin care. 


Feels self-conscious when skin flares-up

Is often overwhelmed by your emotions

Often has self-critical and doubtful thoughts

Is unsure of the role food plays in acne breakouts

Often feels stressed or anxious

Compares yourself to others

Is tempted by new diets and health fads

Doesn’t allow yourself to enjoy certain foods

Feels guilty for eating “bad foods”

Is tired of dieting

Has low self-esteem

You won't want to miss this informative discussion on:


We'll start by taking a mindset assessment to reveal the state of your mind. You'll discover how your mindset impacts your skin, along with proven techniques to improve your mind body connection.


We'll dive into how stress impacts your gut. You'll learn about diet culture, intuitive eating and how you can support your vagus nerve to improve your gut microbiome and digestive health.


We'll finish the workshop in our bathrooms where you'll be guided through your evening skin care, along with a lymphatic drainage massage to promote relaxation and a good nights sleep.

Hi, I'm Christine

Certified Skin Therapist and Intuitive Acne Coach.

I used to be obsessed about being healthy, fearful of adding more than 1/4 cup of blueberries to my smoothie thinking sugar would cause an acne flare-up. I was constantly stressing about food, my skin and what other people thought of me.

On my journey to clear skin, the health professionals I worked with did not address my chronic stress, body image and mindset. I was just given another test, another diet and list of foods to avoid. My acne was worse than when I started these programs because I was still stressing about my skin, about food and about life!

Thankfully I found intuitive eating where I mastered my mindset, healed my relationship with food and with my body. I created the Reclaim Your Confidence program to support other women who need let go of guilt, stress and worry so that they can live confidently in the skin they’re in.

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Grab a glass of wine, a journal and your favourite evening skin care products
and get ready for a fun girls night filled with practical take-aways.